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Delivered Faster.

Saaf Mortgage AI empowers your operations with accurate, structured source of truth mortgage loan data

How Saaf Works
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Make underwriting decisions in 
under 30 minutes using SAAF

How Saaf Mortgage AI Works

Input mortgage loan

package or files in any format

Saaf Mortgage AI engine

extracts, indexes data.
Expert QC validates data.

Automated conditions, worksheets generated from verified data.

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Solutions designed for faster, actionable mortgage loan data  

Saaf Mortgage AI is trained on millions of data points, derived from more than  200K real loan packages to ensure your teams meet compliance, diligence, and underwriting requirements. Saaf provides source of truth data based on documents of record.

  • Use your existing mortgage loan package data.

  • Upload data into Saaf Mortgage AI engine.

  • Get structured data to accelerate operations and support your teams.

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Use Saaf Mortgage AI’s structured data for operations and trading decisions

  • Automated underwriting and compliance for conventional, FHA, VA and non-QM loans.

  • Add custom rules and credit policy overlays seamlessly.

  • Clear stipulations, conditions and cure loans faster.


Power your business with our
mortgage loan data platform

For lenders

and sellers

Faster underwriting and QC. 

post close cure and audits.

For correspondent an aggregators

Deeper insights, better risk management, faster due diligence using automated QC and re-underwriting workflows.

For investors and asset managers

Automated pre-diligence,  data integrity check to reduce risk. Faster, easier TPR reviews.

The Saaf Mortage AI leverages decades of mortgage diligence, operations and technology expertise.


Real mortgage loans used to train Saaf Mortgage AI


ROI based on current vendor and capital cost


Time saved per loan for your operations team


Years of mortgage diligence and underwriting expertise

operations with
Saaf’s source of truth data.

Saaf Mortgage AI allows operations, underwriting, compliance and audit teams to close deals faster. Empower your teams to make data driven decisions with confidence, using our secure and compliant platform.

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